A special program for Seniors

A few of years ago, Petfinder did a survey to determine which pets entering shelters were least likely to be adopted. It came as no surprise to us that by far the least likely to find new homes are older pets.

It is especially heartbreaking because usually these older pets have lived their whole lives with a single owner or family. They often become confused and depressed, waiting for a reunion that will never happen. It’s sad to know that most of these loyal and devoted friends will never leave the shelter, unless more people are willing to consider giving them a chance..

Always ready to try something new to save lives, the Humane Society of Harlingen is implementing a new Seniors for Seniors adoption program. Through this program, anyone 60 or older is eligible to adopt an adult dog or cat, that came to HSH already spayed/neutered, at a significantly reduced adoption fee of $25 for dogs and $15 for cats.

Also, while there are numerous studies on the benefits of owning a pet, pet assisted therapies are relatively new for veterans. But, as any animal lover with tell you, there is nothing better for your spirit than spending time with your pet.

Every animal adopted through the Seniors for Seniors program includes:

---> Spay or neuter surgery (sterilization)

---> Rabies vaccine

---> Distemper/parvo and kennel cough vaccines (dogs)

---> RCP vaccine (cats)

---> Either heartworm testing (dogs) or feline leukemia/FIV testing (cats)

---> Microchip ID and registration

Because adult pets often have better manners and are less destructive than the youngsters, they can make excellent companions for Senior adopters. We see this as a win-win situation that can result in happy adoptions. Not to mention, saving the lives of wonderful animals that have already proven themselves to be devoted friends.


If you are considering adopting, ask about the Seniors for Seniors program when you visit the shelter.

Our adoption staff will be happy to introduce you to many wonderful pets that qualify for this program.

We are sure you will be able to find your perfect match!

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!
Any questions? Please call us at: 956-425-SNIP(7647) or email us at: